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2009 City Council Election
    Council Candidate Information
    Read PAN City Council Candidate Questionnaire Responses
Stanford Hospital and Stanford Shopping Center Expansions
Public Safety Building
Art Center Renovation/Expansion Project
    Last fall, the Palo Alto Art Center at Embarcadero and Newell released expansion plans
    that called for replacing dozens of full-grown city trees and erecting a 7 4 high fence
    facing Embarcadero. A proposed outdoor stage also raised concerns. No independent
    investigation confirmed that the existing trees, which include fully-grown redwoods and
   magnolias, needed to be removed. (Read more... and view handout... )
    -- Arborist View & Fences -- Part 1  Part 2
    -- Trees to Be Removed/Relocated -- Part 1  Part 2
    -- Proposed Planting -- Part 1  Part 2
    -- Proposed Fence -- View 1  View 2
    -- Latest Fence Layout-- View 1  View 2
    -- PAN letter to the ARB
Alma Plaza
Edgewood Plaza
Last Updated: June 29, 2014