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  Dan Dykwel Victor Frost (No Response Received)
  Chris Gaither Timothy Gray John Hackmann
  Karen Holman Larry Klein Leon Leong
  Corey Levens Gail Price Greg Scharff
  Nancy Shepherd Brian Steen Mark Weiss

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  Reason for Running Experience Conflicts of Interest
  Deficit Business License Tax Utilities Funds
  High Speed Rail (HSR) Retail High-density Housing
  Development Impacts Affordable Housing Planned Community (PC) Zoning
  Stanford Hospital Project Civic Engagement Neighborhood Associations
  Meeting Effectiveness Balancing Issues (Optional) Unasked Question

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  Chris Gaither Karen Holman Larry Klein
  Corey Levens Gail Price Nancy Shepherd
  Brian Steen    

Last Updated: September 24, 2009